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Meet Our Team

We Make Change Work for You

Organizations that do not understand change are doomed to fail. It’s tough language but it’s true. Companies once at the top of their games regularly make headlines as they fall prey to more agile and innovative firms. No matter the initiative—from right-sizing to technology rollouts, quality programs to product launches—you must make change a core competency to survive and thrive in the global marketplace.  And we’ll help you do it.   

While the message of change may be difficult to hear, our delivery is not.  Our results-oriented consultants focus on a light-hearted, energetic approach that fully engages and motivates participants.  Instead of a forgettable, passive lecture, you’ll come away with an arsenal of practical tools with which to Seize the Power of Change.


  • Karl Schoemer, President and Founder

    Karl has been delighting clients for more than sixteen years in the areas of change management, speaking, facilitation and more. His Masters in Business from Indiana Wesleyan University and unrivaled enthusiasm for dynamic change theories result in a fresh, market-anchored approach to any opportunity. The author of six books on change management-related issues, Karl has worked on five continents with dozens of organizations large and small, in both the public and private sectors.

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  • David Schoemer, Principal

    David uses his more than thirty years experience as a psychologist to solve problems and develop teaming for clients within the framework of The New Reality™.  Clients also benefit from his expertise in identifying, assessing and resolving the many personality-driven and fundamentally human issues that arise during times of change.  David holds an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology from Central Michigan University with Masters Degrees in both Psychology and Counseling.  He has a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University.


  • Erin Schoemer, Director of Logistics

    Erin is dedicated to an exceptional Customer Experience! In her role as Director of Logistics, Erin pays close attention to the details that make or break every customer interaction. Whether it’s processing orders from the bookstore, shipping materials, coordinating logistics for upcoming engagements, or simply responding to client questions or concerns, Erin is focused, friendly and fast. Having “grown up” in the business, Erin understands and lives the New Reality approach to Customer service.