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Testimonials & Case Studies

At VisionQuest we believe in "Earning the Right" to work with you. We also believe the best source of our credibility is our clients. Those that have been in your shoes… wondered if we could possibly help… taken a chance… and been thrilled with the results.

This page contains numerous case studies, testimonials, and recommendations. It's not us telling you how good we are. It's our real life clients who wrote checks and reaped results.

“Karl is an amazing trainer and change agent that can deliver significant results even with the most resistant participants. I had the good fortune to work with Karl in bringing "The New Reality" to our regional management team. Our high achievement oriented management team struggled with being out of the office for a full day, given the multiple demands and expectations to deliver to our customers’ needs. Karl's thought provoking, charismatic, and fun hands on training really gave us a wealth of insight and challenged us to go to new heights. The results we experienced as the result of his training were phenomenal! I highly recommend Karl to anyone that wants to take a team to new heights, increase accountability and do so in a way that builds sustained results.” July 24, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
hired Karl as a Business Consultant in 2007


“I find Karl's insights about Change and the challenges and opportunities it presents to be spot-on. His messaging about "The New Reality," while sobering, is also incredibly relevant in these economic times. He provides a "wake up" call to his students - regardless of their title or position - and helps build the foundation of a "critical mass" within an organization to ultimately create and leverage its own waves of change.” July 10, 2009

was with another company when working with Karl at VisionQuest


“There are few guarantees in the workplace today, but change is one of them. Organizations need assistance to improve skills in handling the increasing incidence of change process and Karl definitely can provide you with a unique set of tools that will help to make change your competitive advantage. The New Reality has provided me with excellent results both professional and personally. Karl's work has been a major factor in change culture success during our partnership.” July 4, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
hired Karl as a Change Management in 2008


“While an OD practitioner at Convergys, I had the good fortune of attending Karl's "New Reality" workshop several times when he was hired by our department to provide leadership training to those at the Director level and above. The workshop was a powerful learning experience for all attendees (myself included) and received rave reviews. I continued to get positive feedback from these leaders long after they had attended the session, frequently accompanied by examples of how they had implemented the concepts back in the workplace. I also found Karl to be a responsive business partner who was generous in providing me with ideas or suggestions on implementing successful change initiatives.” June 24, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
hired Karl as a Business Consultant in 2004


“Karl is a fantastic motivational speaker that has become a true friend and mentor. I attended a New Reality session in 2007 and was positively shocked back into "reality" as Karl shared a common sense approach to dealing with change. His entertaining and inspirational session truly hit home! Whether you're a change agent or impacted by all the change around you, I highly recommend attending a New Reality session. It's well worth the time investment...and getting to know Karl is just an added bonus.” June 20, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
hired Karl as a Career Coach in 2008


“Karl encourages and motivates employees experiencing career redirection, company right-sizing, and other work-place changes. He also guides and advises businesses through the same challenges. I believe Karl's message is spot-on—don't just change, become change adaptive.” June 18, 2009

was a consultant or contractor to Karl at VisionQuest


“I worked with Karl at Lexmark with his New Reality Workshops. He is the best facilitator of change management methodology that I have encountered in my career. His workshops are fast pace, energizing, and thought provoking. I have not only used his methodology to transform communications within my organization, I have used it in my transition to retirement. His message to me is clear and is still with me 3 years after the workshop - It is what it is and it is up to me do something about it. Embracing change as a way of life is the New Reality. The more you invite change in yourself and those around you the more empowering and empowered you become. Karl can communicate this message and get people to embrace it at every level of the organization from CEO to Entry Level, from US based organizations to Global Organizations.” June 17, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
hired Karl as a Business Consultant in 2006


“Karl and VisionQuest have made a huge impact in both organizations where we worked together. The New Reality workshops that Karl facilitated helped us move our business strategy forward. Our employees use these concepts on the job regularly. I highly recommend Karl and his organization.” June 17, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
hired Karl as a Business Consultant in 2002, and hired Karl more than once


“Karl is the very best manager to work for. He is detail-oriented, but never loses sight of the strategic objective. He provides lots of support, and gives plenty of room for me to solve problems and make decisions. Anyone working with or for Karl will have an exceptional experience.” June 17, 2009

reported to Karl at VisionQuest


“Karl is a pro and a real delight to work with.” June 17, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
hired Karl as a Speaker in 2008, and hired Karl more than once


“Karl will make a huge impact on organizational culture Change. Karl has a unique ability to engage and encourage people up and down the organization to look introspectively at their ability to impact Change and drive results. He is truly amazing and gifted in this area. Karl will create focus and the need for Change with senior leadership, impact large teams with keynote speeches and work with Firms to bring together small groups that span deep and wide within an organization to create a case for Change and build critical mass around Change that will positively drive business results. Karl is challenging, motivating and inspiring in his messaging and delivery. He is someone that I recommend you consider when looking to drive Change in your Organization.” June 17, 2009

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
hired Karl as a Business Consultant in 2005, and hired Karl more than once


“I've had the honor to attend a day-long session wherein Karl delivered a message about change. Karl's expert delivery and superb content turned a roomful of skeptical employees into enthusiastic supporters. His message is clear, concise, practical and builds employee self-confidence. Karl's intelligence, values and business acumen make it a privilege to have him as a business partner.” November 18, 2007

was with another company when working with Karl at VisionQuest


"Karl Schoemer recently presented his New Reality 4 hour workshop to a group of my senior leaders and he knocked our socks off and exceeded my expectations across the board. Karl has the unique ability to make each individual in the room confront their own ability to deal with and support change in the organization. He does this by articulately providing real life examples that most all can relate to and then makes them realize just how much of our current personal behavior is counterproductive. He hones in on the sources of  resistance to change and is direct about how he feels organizations should hold themselves accountable for making change happen. I told my group, at the end of the day that I thought this may have been the most important 4 hours of our time working at Harrison Medical Center.. I would highly recommend The New Reality concepts and Karl Schoemer to anyone ready to face the realities of change." June 14, 2010

Scott Bosch, President & CEO, Harrison Medical Center
While working at Harrison Medical Center


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